Collection: Passport holder patterns

A passport cover allows you to keep the appearance of the document for a long time. Using the passport holder pattern, it will not be difficult to make it with your own hands.

Features of making leather goods

Covers made of leather do not lose their popularity for many years. It is enough to download a free leather passport wallet pattern, as well as to buy the necessary materials to become the owner of a handmade product. You will need a number of tools:

  • an awl, scissors or a knife adapted to work with leather are often used;
  • especially strong needles, allowing to sew the elements of the pattern with each other.

On the basis of the template passport cover, prepared by professionals, it is not difficult to work. It is important to carefully prepare different elements of the product. You should work carefully so that there are no breaks or cuts on the material. Before you sew the parts of the product to each other, they can be additionally glued.

Passport cover, made with your own hands from natural leather, looks expensive. In addition, it does not lose its appearance for a long time. Even with regular use, this material retains its original characteristics.